Artisan Wall PictureWhat’s up with this art wall?

Why not appreciate as many platforms of creativity as one can at a humble little bottle shop in Chicago’s western burbs?  We offer you, the artist, access to our 12’x9′ wall to hang your artistry.  You get an opening night event and free advertising of your creations on our social media.  Your beauties will hang on our wall for an entire calendar month becoming the talk of the town.

Hopefully the word of your awesomeness will spread and people will come from near and far to buy your art. AND… at the moment we take no commission. Nada, zip, zilch!  So make that money baby and build your street cred through The Beer and Now!  Just remember us when you hit the big time.  Or not…whateves.

Check out the info below for answers to common questions.  If you’re ready to apply, fill out the form here.

How long will my art be on display?

One calendar month.

How big is this wall?  How much room do I have to work with?

9 feet high, 12 feet wide.

This is great, I want to do it!

Cool, we’re happy you’re happy. To apply, fill out the form here.

Can my school/group/organization/church/troupe do a combined wall?

Yes! We encourage groups to apply.

Do I need to be 21 to apply?

No. We do ask if you are 21 or older on the application, but it is not a requirement.

Are there any restrictions on what kind of art can be displayed?

As much as we don’t want to censor your work and creativity, any work has to be appropriate to be viewed in a public space and a family environment. So nothing overtly sexual or graphic please.

Can I sell my art?

Of course! All payments will need to occur between you and the purchaser. At this time we cannot take any payments on your behalf, but you will keep 100% of the proceeds.  We do ask that all art stays on the wall the entirety of the month, regardless if it is sold.

What media and sizes are allowed?

The art must be able to hang on the wall. We do not have space to do anything else that is not wall mountable. Also, all art must have wire to hang from and felt pads on the back of the pieces to protect the wall. We will cover this all in more detail as we get closer to your showing.

Will you help publicize my art?

Yes! At the beginning of your month, we will introduce you on social media. You will also have an opening night that we will promote. On this night you are encouraged to invite your friends and family to enjoy your art!

When will my art need to be there and when can I get my art back?

We ask that you bring your art and help set it up, the day before your opening night. The art is then expected to be on display the entire calendar month and removed at the end of the month. We will coordinate exact days and times to do all of this.

I’m from out of town, can I still apply?

Yes! Although you will be responsible for shipping all pieces to/from our store.

I applied, but have not heard back. Am I guaranteed a spot on your wall?

Sorry, no. Simply applying does not guarantee that you will be selected. Since each artist will be on display for an entire month, we only can allow 12 artists a year. We will do our best to thoroughly examine every application and communicate our thoughts with the artists.

I’m still confused.

Please reach out to us at with your questions.