Sean and MarySean and Mary originally grew up on the south suburbs of Chicago. A married couple with one daughter, they started out as high school sweethearts and now have grown into middle aged weirdos trying to enjoy this thing called life.


Mary is known to be a social butterfly working as a cosmetologist for 22 years. She’s ready to serve her community in a new and vibrant way.


Sean works in the I.T. field and has dabbled in homebrewing off and on since the mid 90’s. Although Mary enjoyed drinking home brews, beer didn’t really become a passion until she drank her first Gumballhead. Dissecting the aroma and flavors made her curious if more beers were out there that tasted that good.


Sean being a beer aficionado was eager to try the latest styles as well as the oldest traditions in beer and bring Mary along for the adventure. Sean and Mary’s gypsy tendencies is when it got real. Nothing began to beat the feeling of a sojourn to a new town, state, then countries to try the latest happenings in the craft beer world. They soon realized there are very few industries where people seem as friendly, open and connected as in the beer community. They appreciate the art of the craft as well as the unique way this industry has unleashed other fields of craftsmen within itself.


They hope to foster a community where people come to relax, relate, and feel welcome all while enjoying the artisans of this industry. Come along with them and live in the Beer and Now….


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