Introducing The Beer And Now 2022 membership details!

This is a small, exclusive group of craft beer enthusiasts we fondly dubbed The Crafty Basterds.

Membership includes a monthly beer, weekly discounts, and private bottle shares. Also included is a member-only Facebook group, where we can share info about upcoming releases, events, and other info. You can easily get your money’s worth on the beers and discounts, but the FB group and bottle shares are where it’s really at. We’ll do our best to constantly make this as awesome as possible.  That being said, the following are definitely included…


  • One beer per month, $7 max
  • One beer on your birthday, no max!
  • Member-only bottle shares
  • 20% off draft beer on Tuesdays
  • 20% off all Beer And Now merchandise EVERYDAY
  • Private Facebook group
  • First dibs on any tickets for events, membership next year, etc
  • Member-only party at the end of the year


$125 plus tax

Fine Print:

  • Membership is for the entire 2022 calendar year
  • Beers expire at the end of each month and do not rollover
  • Discounts available in store only, not online
  • Birthday beer only available on your actual birthday. Id required.
  • If your birthday falls on a day we’re closed, it can be redeemed the day before or after.
  • One membership per person and cannot be shared
  • Benefits and memberships are not transferrable or refundable
  • Discounts cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions
  • Membership can be revoked at any time, at the discretion of The Beer And Now